Today is the day! Snag your copy of our first full length CD, ENORMOUS CLOUD, fresh off the presses (still warm from incubation). We're so happy to be at this point that we're gonna dance all the way to Boston tomorrow to play an awesome show!

"Limerence" Guitar Playthrough 

Enormous Cloud hits the stores exactly TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY. Check out the guitar playthrough of "Limerence", one of the tracks off our upcoming album.

Just a reminder for our NYC fans: June 20th is the official Enormous Cloud Release show! Be there and get your hands on the new cd before anyone else does. You don't want to miss this performance.

Here's the playthough video. Enjoy. =)


FOTA tour announcement!!!! 

Next month we will be hitting the road in celebration of our first full length album Enormous Cloud, which will be coming out June 24th! We will be joined by the lovely gentlemen of Long Island's FXZERO for the second leg of the tour.

This will be our biggest tour to date and we're working hard with our buddies from FXZERO to make it happen. If you can help us in any way, coming out to a show, helping us book the empty dates, or even buying merch/cd's, it would mean a great deal to us. We're bringing the prog pretty hard on this one, so don't sleep on it. Looking forward to this summer!!!

4/28/14- "Like A Good Tornado" Drum Playthrough Video! + more news 

Happy Monday Folks! A few things to talk about:

First, here's a video of our drummer Anthony Wong playing "Like A Good Tornado" for your enjoyment. As you'll see, he clearly makes good use of his robotic arms.

Second, We're premiering another jam off Enormous Cloud this Sunday, May 4th through 
Mathcore Index. It's going to make you cry.

Third, Announcing details regarding the Enormous Cloud CD release show this week. We also got some tour announcements to make, so don't miss that.

Fourth, You guys are cool. 


The wait is over.

We could say a million things about the experiences we've had while working on this new album, about the victories and losses that we've gained in the past couple years since the release of Entanglement. We could talk about how Enormous Cloud was intended to be a concept album, or the obstacles we ran into during the writing and recording process of this album. We could talk about how long it took for this day to come, but we're going to save that for another time. Here's the new single, courtesy of NOCLEANSINGING.COM. It's called "Like A Good Tornado" and we hope you like it. =)


New T-shirt added to our store + 2/16 in Brooklyn = Boners 

We've been back from tour nearly two weeks and things have been extremely busy but we just want to say thanks to everyone who helped make TOURrance and Philip Awesome. Now that we're home, the next order of business is getting that new cd ready for you guys. It's coming soon...

If you click on the link to our STORE, you'll see a new t-shirt that we have available. It's our first full color design, so don't be one of those silly people who doesn't buy one. 

We got a show February 16th at The Grand Victory in Brooklyn. Be there.

Peace and love.


2014, here we come. 

We're kicking off 2014 with an ass kicking tour outing. We'll be on the road with our best buds and prog post metal professionals Cryptodira! Very excited to be covering some new ground this time around and also returning to some very cool places. Of course we're gonna be playing new music, some of which has never been played lived before. We hope you guys are as excited as we are. More news to come!!!


Enormous Cloud

Fall Of The Albatross

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Enormous Cloud is the first full length masterpiece by Fall of the Albatross.

1: Reality To Reverie, Reverie To Reality 2: Enormous Cloud Pt. 1 3: Flesh 4: Like A Good Tornado 5: Alter Reluctance 6: Euphoria Dance 7: All Connected 8: Limerence 9: In The Interest Of Time 10: Revolving Lantern 11: Enormous Cloud Pt. 2

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